Nominated for OUT OF THE BOX.NRW

ACCURE Battery Intelligence GmbH


Nominated by:
Marius Rosenberg

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Your business model in three sentences

Batteries power the world, we empower batteries. Our cloud platform monitors and improves the safety, lifetime and sustainability of batteries in electric cars or to store renewable energy. SaaS for a zero-carbon future.

What problem do you solve?

The traditional way to understand batteries is by building models based on lab tests. However, these tests usually take 3-6 months, require expensive equipment and highly-qualified experts. This costs averagely more than a 100K per battery type. Another approach is adding new hardware devices such as impedance spectroscopy or ultrasound technology to the batteries. However, this approach has very high costs and slows down the development process, as the hardware needs to be tailored to every new battery generation. ACCURE’s software-only approach matches the market needs much better than any existing solution – which is why we were able to get high-profile customers in the mobility and energy space. We already grew our company from 0 to 45 employees since ACCURE was founded and just opened a second office in the US.

What's your digital solution?

ACCURE is the data platform for batteries. Using cloud computing we make batteries more safe, reliable and sustainable. Our solution is used wherever batteries drive business value: - In the mobility world, our algorithms support micro mobility, cars, buses and electric ships. - In the energy world, we support the operation of storage systems for wind and solar power. What's the benefit? A few examples: - Our algorithms help to improve the lifetime of battery systems by over 25%. This not only reduces costs but drastically reduces the carbon footprint of the overall system. - Using predictive diagnostics we are able to detect safety-critical battery failures before they become dangerous. ACCURE's monitoring is accredited by HDI global as a risk reducing measure and the foundation of a smart insurance product. - Our platform enables second-life application of old batteries to make them truly circular assets

Why should we award you for your digital business model?

We want to win the OOTB NRW to become the no 1 sustainable tech company in Europe. Furthermore, we have big plans for the rest of the year. But we're also competing with companies like Tesla, Porsche or google over every new employee. It would be super helpful to make talented people aware of the opportunities at ACCURE. We're super confident that the right people will get as excited about this opportunity as we are :)