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apomap UG


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Marcel Millot

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Your business model in three sentences

apomap provides the easiest way for local pharmacies to manage their last mile process. Plan routes with one click, manage drivers and bind customers. Start for free and experience the power of apomap.

What problem do you solve?

Did you know that 95% of local pharmacies in germany deliver medicine to your door step with own drivers? Did you know that more and more local pharmacies closed in the past years and the existing ones need to deliver more and more medicine to patients? I don´t think so. But we know this and we need to help local pharmacies and their customers to digitalize and simplify their last mile process. One of our founders is a pharmacist so we know the struggle when it comes to the topic last mile. We need to bring the pharmacy into the living room of the customers with an easy to use product. We don't want that pharmacies need to deal with tons of paper, lists and offline maps. We want to transform an analog process into a digital one. For everyone - from customer to the pharmacy.

What's your digital solution?

apomap is the solution for the problem we facing. An easy and everywhere to use Software as a Service. apomap provides you the tools you need to digitalize the last mile. We provide a Dashboard to plan everything with a few clicks, discover your stats and get in contact with your drivers & customers in the easiest way.

Why should we award you for your digital business model?

There is a big need in pharma delivery and a good consultation from real pharmacist. To support local pharmacies we need a easy to use and fast to start application. We can use an existing logistic structure and support them with our solution and don't need to built up new logistic solutions. Lets support pharmacies with our business model!