Nominated for OUT OF THE BOX.NRW

Lokalhelden GbR


Nominated by:
Konstantinos Makris

Your business model in three sentences

we want - to support amateur football clubs financially - every amateur football player to be part of the app as a trading card - promote the clubs and players of the German amateur football

What problem do you solve?

More and more German amateur clubs are suffering from financial problems. The main reasons are the following: - less sponsors - increasing costs for training / coaching staff, energy, maintenance, equipment etc. - less volunteers - less / no revenues on game days The effect: More and more football clubs are forced to deregister teams or even the whole club from gaming operation. Registering a football amateur club in our app will have the following benefits: 1. Financial support for clubs WITHOUT any investment 2. Gain attractiveness of the club and its players across Germany (due to digital trading cards) 3. Higher motivation for players to achieve better results (better results will affect the card values) 4. Higher training participation 5. Attract younger players (most of them want to see themselves displayed on a trading card)

What's your digital solution?

Our app (free to play) is the first football trading card game for amateurs on the market. The main 4 functions: - buy trading cards (mixed decks) - compose starting 11 (team with bench) - play against other teams of other users (multiplayer and other options) - earn points to achieve higher levels and specific benefits Clubs will benefit financially from each in-app-purchase (25% of the purchasing amount) and every scored goal in the app. The amount for each club is visible for every user.

Why should we award you for your digital business model?

Because we love the amateur football. And we want to give it the support it deserves!