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Protop Solutions UG


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Leo Wiegand

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Your business model in three sentences

Beginners and students learn FPGA programming with the development boards we sell and our free software. For professionals, our software in a subscription speeds up development in every aspect. We also create development boards as promotion.

What problem do you solve?

With FPGAs, you can invent your own chip and profit from incredible performance and high flexibility. This is why a lot of companies use FPGAs in their products. Only a few examples are high-speed audio, video and data processing, real-time AI, or robots where FPGAs are used today. By simplifying software programming, more and more people started to realize innovative projects like from the other startups participating in the contest. But for FPGAs, working with standard tools is very complicated and free educational material is still hard to find. This is why there are only very few hobbyists that already use FPGAs or even heard of it. Also for professional developers, working with a lot of outdated, complex programs takes a lot of time.

What's your digital solution?

We offer the first programming environment and learning solutions for FPGAs that are on the same level as the solutions for software programming. Our IDE offers all tools you would expect from an IDE in this day and age. In addition, we added FPGA-specific features that also exceed features you could get from third-party software for FPGA development. Next to our IDE that speeds up development and getting started with FPGAs, we create learning material on YouTube and our website. And also the open-source examples, our plug&play hardware, and our project chat, where users can connect, are a few examples of how we transform FPGA programming from a niche to something that every enthusiast can use to realize their idea. To finance our efforts users can buy our development hardware that works together with the IDE, companies let us create new hardware as a promotion for their electronics and we sell a commercial version of the IDE.

Why should we award you for your digital business model?

We target creative minds with innovative ideas that maybe will also participate in this contest in the future. Our mission is to increase the interest in technology and help people to realize their vision. And because also professionals can realize their projects with our IDE much faster, we help to accelerate innovation everywhere we can. So, we have the chance to change the lives of all these people all over the world with only one software.