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billyard GmbH


Nominated by:
Simon Hecht

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Your business model in three sentences

billyard is an employee benefit app that companies can use to provide their employees tax-granted food and mobility allowances easily and securely. billyard takes over the entire work to use the tax incentives - effortless and cost-neutral.

What problem do you solve?

It is very important for companies to retain their employees and to present themselves attractively to applicants. The salary is an essential component of this. A normal raise quickly vanishes. At the same cost, tax-deductible subsidies for staff meals and for trips in public transport as well as a full blown mobility budget can easily be used with the billyard app. Employees see every day what their employer is offering for high values and are motivated in the long term.

What's your digital solution?

With the billyard app, the tax-deductible allowances for meals and journeys in public transport can easily be used. Furthermore it is possible to extend the allowance to a mobility budget, which can be flexibly used for rental cars, car sharing, rental bikes, e-scooters or any other mobility offer. The employees take photos of their receipts for their meals or public transport tickets they have purchased and upload them via the billyard app. billyard takes care of the rest. You can get a tax-free reimbursement for your expenses. The employer receives a file for import into the payroll software. By using state subsidies for food or public transport the employer is exempt to pay social insurance for this amount. So, our fee is cost-neutral for these allowances for the employer.

Why should we award you for your digital business model?

The technology developed in the field of digitization using AI is an up-to-date topic. It can be used in a variety of ways and addresses current challenges such as the shortage of skilled workers, employee loyalty, climate protection, and sustainability by promoting public transportation. The solutions are relevant to a wide audience. They increase the quality of life of users and are a contribution to a sustainable way of life.