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Nicole Haas

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Your business model in three sentences

WETOG takes modern communication to a new level. With our revolutionary encryption method LIQRYPT your data is safe from any third party access. Become part of the WETOG universe if you love and value your data!

What problem do you solve?

WETOG offers a solution as a strategic partner when employees work at different locations and need to communicate and exchange data in a secure way. Through the innovative encryption Liqrypt developed by WETOG team, which is used for communication and data exchange, we improve existing encryption technologies many times over. WETOG is 100% DSGVO compliant, secure and MADE in GERMANY. More and more companies are asking WETOG for a secure tool for communication and data exchange that is not subject to the authorities in the USA (Patriot Act).

What's your digital solution?

With a clearly structured and easy-to-use interface, WETOG offers a hierarchical WETOG offers a hierarchical structure for the presentation of content. Containers for the collection of different content elements and the simple management and organization of files ensure high efficiency and lean workflow. With the help of industry-specific modules and functions, WETOG can be extended as required. 1. innovative encryption by Liqrypt. Additionally, all data is secured by the latest SSL encryption methods (256-bit AES SSL/TLS encryption) on the way to our servers. 2. WETOG is 100% compliant with data protection laws. 3. all servers are located in Germany 4. all data is stored in high security data centers. Automatic online backups prevent data loss. 5. all data centers are ISO 27001 certified

Why should we award you for your digital business model?

With its innovative LIQRYPT encryption tool, WETOG offers everything that companies need in the context of data protection-compliant communication. In the future, everything WETOG offers will be protected from any interception measures by means of LIQRYPT, which proactively protects companies from cyberattacks and data theft.