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Andreas Luthe

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Your business model in three sentences

We develop practice software and preventive modules for the nutrition therapy market. With our programs we offer a broad approach to problem identification within nutrition and the appropriate certified therapist.

What problem do you solve?

Today, almost 70% (WHO) of all diseases are diet related. Obesity and its secondary diseases alone account for more than 10% of the total expenditure of the German healthcare system. Unhealthy nutrition and a steadily aging population are such a burden on the health care system that the first health insurers are warning of a possible collapse. Holistic nutrition therapy has the potential not only to prevent diseases, but above all to treat existing diseases or to support their treatment. Cost-intensive and lengthy surgical interventions, follow-up care and medication could thus be minimized. With all the possibilities, today we hardly use the potential of professional nutrition therapy. Human therapy in particular is severely underfunded and poorly digitized, which puts a strain on its efficiency, scalability, and effectiveness. At the same time, digital solutions are mostly used in isolation with the patient, which limits their impact.

What's your digital solution?

Nibyou develops a practice software especially for certified nutrition therapists. The developed modular system makes it possible to extend the existing therapy with digital modules, similar to a DiGA, without losing the human contact between therapist and patient or the individuality of the therapy. This enables therapists to provide hybrid nutritional therapy and increase its efficiency, effectiveness and quality. For this much needed software, Nibyou already has 100+ waiting customers. As an extension, we are developing Nutri24, an app for use in workplace health promotion. This program is used by the insured as part of occupational health promotion workshops or on its own. On the one hand it's used to accompany a preventive change in diet and on the other hand to support the identification of problems in the diet. Based on this evaluation, the appropriate therapist or nutrition program can then be found for the patient together with the respective health insurance company.

Why should we award you for your digital business model?

Purely digital approaches reach their limits, especially in medicine. Every person is unique and has individual problems, motivations and resources that must be taken into account in nutrition. For this reason, Nibyou uses digitalization as a basis and framework for modern therapy and prevention. In doing so, we enable the advantages of human therapy to be efficiently combined with digital approaches without losing the much needed humanity and individuality in therapy.