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Brainification GmbH


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Marvin Grigg

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Your business model in three sentences

We develop digital escape rooms as a measure in Corporate Health Management. The focus is on solving various puzzles, which require the application of the acquired learning content. Target groups are companies and health insurance companies.

What problem do you solve?

The standard measures in the Corporate Health Management sector are outdated and have a low attendance rate and low satisfaction score. However, health insurance companies are obliged to spend parts of their budget on such measures which proved to be particularly difficult during the pandemic, as most measures require physical attendance with digital / online alternatives being scarce. Even two years into the pandemic, most of the "digital" measures consist of analog ones that were simply transferred into a video format, which made the reception of these already badly received measures even worse. Next to the weak reception and low attendance of the classical and allegedly "new digital" measure, there are more issues that health insurance companies and organisations face: - Lead generation isn't effective (from insurance POV) - Bound to certain places and times e.g. availability of a trainer / coach - Limited branding possibilities - No immediate feedback options - Fairly high investment of time and money Considering that a large proportion of the workforce will continue to work from home regularly even after the pandemic, effective digital measures have to be developed.

What's your digital solution?

Brainification develops digital Escape Rooms that convey relevant health content in an innovative and playful way. Escape Rooms are a well known concept to many and digital Escape Rooms have become increasingly popular during the pandemic. We are using the popularity of digital Escape Rooms combined with a sophisticated gamification concept to drive digitalization in the Corporate Health Management sector and to tackle the longstanding and recent issues of classical measures. Our digital Escape Rooms allow up to 5 players with a duration of 60-90 minutes. The players will perceive this as a great teambuilding initiative, solve riddles and learn about health "on the go" without actually noticing. The solution is completely independent of time and place, as it doesn't require any moderation or installation, just a PC with internet connection and a communication tool (e.g. Zoom). We offer branding possibilities, integrated feedback and great follow up opportunities for lead generation.

Why should we award you for your digital business model?

Rethinking digitalization in Corporate Health Management. BrainRooms brings an end to outdated, unscalable health measures with low numbers of concurrent participants - our revolutionary Escape Rooms combine the best of digital measures and an innovative gamification concept, through which health competence and sensitization can be conveyed in an effective and fun way. High participation rates and fantastic customer feedback speak for themselves.