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Nominated by:
Christin Menke

Internet address:

Windthorststraße 68

Your business model in three sentences

With SYNTINELS, you as a selling entity can focus on engaging and closing your high converting potential customers. Our passion is to enable all B2B companies to grow 
their business based on Customer Intelligence - to interact in Synergy.

What problem do you solve?

The targeted acquisition of new customers is a major challenge for many companies. Not only is the recognition of patterns in huge amounts of data complex and time-consuming, but in particular the identification of the next potential new customer involves a high manual research effort of several hours for the company's sales team. This is where we provide support! We are building partnerships with the following companies.

What's your digital solution?

SYNTINELS is a technology startup that uses AI and big data analytics to provide companies with valuable insights into their target customers and identify new customer potential based on data. With us, the sales team of our customers has the opportunity to target new customers who fit into their target customer group and have a recognizable increased need for the implementation of the offered solution.

Why should we award you for your digital business model?

We managed to close renowned Tech-companies as our clients within the first months as SALES2B. In the last year we were able to increase our Proof-of-concept prices by 1000% and still managed to generate a value add for our customers. We as now SYNTINELS improved our business model and pricing strategy continuously to gain more and more revenue from one month to another.