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Better Mobility GmbH


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Stefanie Pick

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Your business model in three sentences

We integrate regional mobility options into a single mobility platform. Public transport and sharing services join forces to provide sustainble alternatives to cars. Everyone benefits from connected mobility services and some can get rid of their car

What problem do you solve?

Often, the use of different mobilities is overwhelming because different apps are needed to use them. For this reason, many decide against using different mobilities and rather fall back on the private car. Simple bundled solutions are needed to drive a sustainable transportation shift. Nevertheless, the need for individual, cost-effective and sustainable mobility is constantly growing. This means: car or ride sharing today, bicycles or scooters tomorrow, and the bus the day after. Or everything in combination? It's no longer ownership, but easy access to a wide range of mobility options that really counts. With our products, we want to enable precisely this and network mobility in cities regionally and smartly. Mobility providers are often not yet perfectly networked with local public transport. Cities and transportation companies need an interface here that takes care of this. By integrating different forms of mobility within a white-label platform, we want to create the shift from private cars to multimodality. We vision a sustainable convenient alternative away from ownership and want to pave the turnaround by providing easy access to diverse mobility options.

What's your digital solution?

We network your local public transport system with other mobility providers and work with you to design your city's mobility mix in a suitable white-label design. With the Mobility Broker, we provide a seamless, digital service from a single source. A uniform search, digital booking and integrated billing offer the greatest possible convenience for your users. Thanks to innovative mobility budgets and smart rates, your customers have full cost control, can travel flexibly and multimodally, and shape their mobility on a daily basis. In addition to multimodal mobility platforms, we offer the Mobility Broker for Business ,which enables the digitization of your fleet through modular building blocks and offers a flexible design of operational mobility. With competent and personally tailored advice, we also accompany you on the way to a digital mobility portfolio.

Why should we award you for your digital business model?

Flexible, convenient, environmentally friendly: That's how we want to be part of the transportation revolution, making it as easy as possible for you to use a wide variety of mobility options. We are a team that shares a passion for connected, smart mobility. Mobility moves. And so we too are constantly on the move to provide our customers and users with the best possible service through attractive features, designs and creative ideas.