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Dermanostic GmbH


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Patrik Hantzsch

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Your business model in three sentences

dermanostic gives everyone worldwide quick and easy access to dermatology experts. With sending images, every patient receives a diagnosis with therapy plan and prescription within 24h. We create a fully digitalized, self-administered treatment.

What problem do you solve?

Every person, regardless of age, gets many unspecific skin changes in the course of his or her life. They are often harmless, but can persist for a long time without therapy and put patients under physical and psychological strain. However, the average waiting time for an appointment with a dermatologist in Germany is 38 days. In rural areas, the nearest dermatologist is often miles away. Usually a look at the skin condition is sufficient for the dermatologist to be able to recommend a suitable therapy immediately. Often, people with embarrassing diseases such as acne or venereal diseases have inhibitions about going to the doctor. Treatment without direct contact with the doctor removes the fear of visiting the doctor. Also, during the Covid19 pandemic, many people delay their screening. Again, the digital treatment option is an alternative. In addition, a delayed start of the therapy leads to significantly higher costs in the health care system.

What's your digital solution?

We offer patients a digital dermatology treatment including diagnosis and therapy recommendation of their skin disease within 24 hours. With our App (iOS / Android) or WebApp (Desktop PC), the patient sends 3 photos of his skin disease and fills out a short questionnaire. This will be transmitted in encrypted form to an expert team of dermatologists, specialized in telemedicine. The answer comes within 4 hours on average, even on weekends and holidays. As part of the digital treatment, the patient receives a doctor's letter in which the disease and therapy are explained in a patient-friendly manner. A prescription, if necessary, is sent to the pharmacy of choice, online pharmacy or to the patient's home. The treatment costs €25 incl. the prescription. The amount is covered by all private health insurances. We currently treat around 200 patients per day and have already treated over 60,000 patients in total. Thousands of 5-star ratings transparently show the patient satisfaction.

Why should we award you for your digital business model?

Our fonder team is very special: We are four medical founders and two married couples. Without a business background but with the knowledge of the healthcare system and what patients need, we founded dermanostic. With our vision to revolutionize dermatological care and provide timely and high quality dermatological treatment to everyone, we have grown to Europe's leading online dermatology practice in a short period of time.