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Lisa Köller

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Your business model in three sentences

PREVENCY® offers SaaS training software for immersive simulation of crises and cognitive cyber threats, such as disinformation campaigns. Customers can book a subscription to use the software themselves or access our guided simulation trainings.

What problem do you solve?

In our globalized and digitized world, crises not only increase, they also take on new qualities. As unforeseen events, they affect economic, social, political or military systems and disrupt them, in some cases permanently. Crises in the pre-digital era were primarily of an analogue nature – but today’s crises no longer only occur in the analogue sphere. With the help of disinformation campaigns, dark PR or fictitious waves of digital outrage, attackers are deliberately trying to influence the perceptions and actions of individuals, groups or entire societies. Defending against such cognitive attacks requires innovative solutions that increase media and information literacy and thus strengthen readiness for dealing with cognitive threats. We have made it our business to help organisations to better manage upcoming crises and attempts of cognitive manipulation by specifically empowering their employees. Because: Crises and cognitive cyber threats are mastered best by humans, not by manuals or technical systems.

What's your digital solution?

Our SaaS simulation and training software was developed in cooperation with NATO Strategic Communications Centre of Excellence and provides an immersive training environment to create awareness and competence to deal with crises and cognitive threats like influence operations and information warfare. For this the software simulates common information environments such as Facebook, Twitter or VKontakte as well as news media, websites and blogs in which various crisis and cognitive threat scenarios can be realistically played out in real time. Simulated content can be played out automatically on the simulated channels using AI support. Users can implement self-designed exercises quickly and easily. Intuitive exercise control ensures great efficiency and success in the planning, execution and evaluation of crisis simulation trainings. Built on a modular system, our Software offers a high degree of flexibility and adaptability to keep pace with the fast-evolving threats of our world.

Why should we award you for your digital business model?

We should be awarded, because we help to minimize the economic damage of crises with innovative solutions and provide competence for the successful defense against targeted manipulations and thus contribute to the preservation of our free democratic society.