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circuly GmbH


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Miriam Kleiner

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Your business model in three sentences

circuly enables D2C companies to launch and scale their circular subscription models - making renting a product just as easy as buying one online. With our full-suite SaaS, we support companies like Bugboo, TIER Mobility, and aboDeinauto.

What problem do you solve?

Business Model Innovation is complex - moving from a transactional selling model to a circular subscription model is one example. However, facing sustainability goals and changing consumer demand, it is a must. Companies tackle this with manual workarounds in spreadsheets or costly and extreme time-intense self-development with a high risk of the sunk-cost fallacy. Often, process knowledge is lacking and not all stakeholders are aligned - e.g. how does e-commerce present the products in the shop? How to align logistic and re-serve logistic processes? How to manage product replacements? What to do when a product comes back? How to get accounting on board with the many transactions and invoices?

What's your digital solution?

circuly makes it easy for companies to launch and scale a digital subscription model for physical products. Our full-suite subscription management software covers all aspects needed to launch and scale a subscription business - industry-agnostic - from car subscriptions, baby stroller subscriptions, to consumer electronics subscriptions. Directly integrating into existing systems like e-commerce shops, payment gateways, and ERP or Marketing tools, circuly creates a seamless customer journey. Starting in the checkout flow of online shops, a customer self-service portal to the circuly operations backend: circuly automates subscription management, recurring billing & invoicing, asset tracking, and digital return & repair handling. With our strong REST-API we integrate with most common shop systems (Shopify, WooCommerce, Shopware, Saleor,...), Payment Gateways (Stripe, Adyen, Braintree, Mollie,...), and many more state of the art online marketing and ERP tools.

Why should we award you for your digital business model?

circuly brings together sustainability and business. Achieving sustainability goals is a topic for every company - and the pressure gets bigger and bigger. Often, achieving sustainability means downsizing in revenues and profitability. circuly offers a solution to become more sustainable with a positive, direct revenue impact. Renting out products multiple times, not only reduces the Co2 emissions but also increases product margins up to 500%. A win-win for the planet AND the profit.