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DynAmaze UG


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Benedict Höger

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Your business model in three sentences

DynAmaze is the first leisure platform that efficiently fills free capacities through dynamic pricing, smartly directs visitors to free time slots and inspires them to book them faster, easier and more sustainable than ever before.

What problem do you solve?

Why do airlines have an average utilization of 83% while leisure providers only use about 35% of their capacity? We have found that leisure providers have extremely variable and overall low utilization rates. As mentioned earlier, they use just about 35% of their capacity on average. Thus, significantly higher profits can be made by increasing utilization during off-peak hours. At the same time, many activities are simply too expensive for many people and often it is not that easy to decide on an activity. Many leisure activities are either not bookable online or the undigitalized, lengthy booking process on mobile devices drives young people in particular to despair.

What's your digital solution?

DynAmaze solves the problems of both customer sides: By selling free capacities digitally in off-peak times, we increase the profits of our partner providers. At the same time, end customers save time and money every time they book through DynAmaze. Via our mobile webapp, the user simply selects the perfect activity on his cell phone up to 7 days in advance and decides on a start time. He will then also directly notice that the prices differ depending on the start time. In the third step, he books and pays for the activity directly via DynAmaze and receives his ticket directly on his cell phone. He then redeems this directly with the provider and can then enjoy his activity. Our booking process is not only cheaper for users, but significantly faster and easier. Through our digital, mobile platform, the process from purchase decision to ticket redemption takes less than 1 minute.

Why should we award you for your digital business model?

DynAmaze is revolutionizing the leisure industry with its all-digital, mobile online platform, enabling people to enjoy their leisure time much more easily and effectively by digitizing the booking experience. DynAmaze ensures that leisure providers come out of the Corona crisis stronger and that unused remaining spaces are used more efficiently. Through our digital solution we also lower per capita energy consumption through better utilization provide a sustainable solution.