Nominated for OUT OF THE BOX.NRW

Fimo Health GmbH


Nominated by:
Jasper Klimas

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Your business model in three sentences

We develop an app that helps patients to manage their chronic diseases, create valuable insights for doctors and help Insurers and Pharmas to reduce their costs. Our app is reimbursed by several insurers and will be also paid by Pharmas in the future

What problem do you solve?

More than 90 percent of MS patients suffer from fatigue. Many report that it is one of their most severe symptoms. Most patients, even after years, have a hard time understanding their own fatigue and how to cope with it. Often these side symptoms are one of the main factors why medication is discontinued. Physicians, on the other hand, have the problem that they have no objective data and information about their patients, especially what happens between two visits is often a black box. Many physicians report that it is difficult for patients to give subjective statements about their symptoms over a longer period of time.

What's your digital solution?

We are developing a digital health application that uses sensor technology from a smartwatch and smartphone to measure various vital and environmental factors of patients. In addition, we have developed our own app in which various PROMs and QoL measures are integrated. With the help of these data, we can quantify and analyze fatigue. Patients thus have the possibility to better understand their fatigue and to deal with it more proactively. Further, patients can also track other symptoms within the app and are reminded, for example, of doctor's visits or medication intake. In addition, we are currently integrating a fatigue course within the app that combines various mindfulness, nutrition, and exercise elements in the app with the data. The collected data can additionally be shared with the doctor. The objective information helps physicians to improve their anamnesis and to create and track more individualized therapy and medication plans.

Why should we award you for your digital business model?

Our solution helps millions of chronically ill people. Right now, our solution is helping many patients as the first approved therapy support for Long Covid. Our solution thus also helps to alleviate the consequences of the pandemic and is at the same time based on a stable business model.