Nominated for OUT OF THE BOX.NRW

wunderbon Operation GmbH & Co. KG

Monheim am Rhein

Nominated by:
Sven Herrmann

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Your business model in three sentences

We provide a secure B2B2C data service platform for consumers, merchants as well as suppliers and getting paid for subscriptions (plans start free). Business customers can run advertising campaigns. We charge transaction fees for QR crypto payments.

What problem do you solve?

Every day, millions of receipts being printed worldwide. This pollutes our environment and has a negative impact on climate change. Chemicals used to develop the paper harms our health, and waste of the production process pollutes our groundwater. We should ask us: Why we still do so? Following latest market research, 62 % of the consumers would like to receive a digital receipt instead of a printed one. 83 % of questioned merchants would like to provide digital services and build digital relationships. Device and internet distribution is more than just good enough. But replacing the old analogous paper based receipt with a digital solution requires, beside the good research results, an easy-to-use replacement which is in best case accessible for everyone worldwide. The current situation regarding the GDPR in EU and the data protection movement worldwide will need to be addressed for any service providing digital receipts in a large scale or let us say every digital service provided from now on. It just a matter of time every information we exchange is encrypted.

What's your digital solution?

TLDR - we give consumers the control over their data in daily life interaction; We provide the wunderbon (B2B2C) platform as a service (PaaS) for merchants, enabling them to communicate confident and GDPR-compliant with their customers using real end-to-end encryption and high security standards. For consumers, we provide the wunderbon native smartphone app, enabling them to keep all their receipts in just one app. The app will be available shortly for all major mobile platforms. Through our secure end-to-end communication, we provide digital data services like our smart receipts with additional product information as nutrition values for example or packaging information and of course the carbon footprint. Besides that, we bring crypto payments with lower transaction fees than regular digital payments to every point of sale. With our solution, we will reduce not only costs but pollution, paper use and the need for additional electronic devices like printers.

Why should we award you for your digital business model?

We combine a lot of great ideas in a product ready to solve some important problems of our ecosystem and support our daily life - always with the view for the general movement and what comes with data emancipation. We do combine the power of a large, scalable platform with a great positive impact on our environment. Our project will actively reduce the carbon footprint of every user, starting with their first receipt. Help us to let us help you, our privacy and last but not least our planet!