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Predimo GmbH


Nominated by:
Christin Menke

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Your business model in three sentences

With our technology, it is possible for the first time to take a functional look inside the body. This innovation is comparable to X-rays, which provide a morphological view in the body. The field of action is not limited and can be used everywhere.

What problem do you solve?

Although moving naturally belongs to human life just as much as breathing does, we know comparably little about the forces actually working inside the human body when performing various movements, be it for example at work, in sports, in leisure, in medicine etc. In fact, today it is still not possible without invasive techniques to understand the stresses and strains in individual muscles and joints during a movement. This limitation of current functional performance diagnostics hampers us from optimizing movements, and thereby increasing performance and preventing injuries, in a targeted, individualized way. Measures taken today to increase functional performance are not leveraging their full potential as they are very generalized and missing an essential piece of information: the functional view into the individual body.

What's your digital solution?

We developed a non-invasive method, called ComputerMyoGraphy (CMG), to exactly determine all muscle activities and joint loads within the human body during every movement. It is based on a validated 3D human musculoskeletal computer model called Myonardo consisting of 35 bones, 21 joints and 682 muscle strains. Beside analyzing and simulating stresses and strains occurring in the body, the model graphically represents them in form of a virtual 3D avatar of the person examined. The avatar color-codes the parts of the body especially affected and, thereby, makes the results immediately understandable, easy to interpret and actionable. While the model is technically complex, it is user-friendly, flexible and easy in application. CMG lifts professional functional analyses to the next digital level. It makes functional insights within the body accessible for everyone in any context of life – and hence has the power to positively influence the well-being of millions of people.

Why should we award you for your digital business model?

The ComputerMyoGraphy(CMG) makes functional insights into the human body available to everyone and thereby helps millions of people to improve their musculoskeletal well-being and functional performance. With its fact-based functional view into the body, CMG provides comprehensive and personalized information instead of incomplete and general optimization of movement in every area of life. Its economic value added is massive as it thereby contributes to increased productivity and fewer injuries.